This file encryption program lets you encrypt multiple files in multiple folders by using one of several strong encryption algorithms.

ABI- SecurePro  v.

This encryption software includes features like a cryptographic library, a command-line interface, delayed and automated encryption, self-decrypting files, advanced logging, and password protection.


SeqAssem  v.1.0

- View, edit and proofread DNA sequences and on-the-fly assembly of partial sequences into contigs - Imports files of the following formats: SCF 2.0, 3.0, ABI, AB1, FASTA. - Saves all information in small project files.


DF_MiniOffice is a .Net DLL that contains a very rich Italian archive very useful to accounting software: abi, cab, couriers, phone prefixes...Are you a software developer or webmaster and you'd like to put into your software information

GelQuest  v.

GelQuest imports trace data curves from the following formats: Trace file formats: ABI FSA format, Beckman SCF files, MegaBACE RSD files Gel images: BMP, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SGI, Autodesk, Targa, PCX, PCD, Portable Map, CUT, RLA, Photoshop, Paintshop

CodonCode Aligner  v.3. 7. 2001

CodonCode Aligner introduced several features and improvements like building Neighbor-Joining trees, zooming in the contig view, shortening reference sequences after alignments, masking contig bases in low coverage regions, the percentange consensus

GATCViewer  v.1.0

GATC Viewer for raw data from ABI 3730 xl (Sanger sequencing).This program allows you to display chromatograms in .abi format. DNA sequencing service, Next Generation sequencing, bioinformatics services and sequencing analysis software.

Ekabakti E-Hadith Software E-book  v.2.0.1

E-book software oriented for Hadith Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Offer the 6 books of hadith including Sahih Bukhari, Sahh Muslim, Sunan Abi Daud, Sunan Al-Nasaie, Sunan Al-Tarmidzi and Sunan Ibnu Majah. Supported on non Arabic enabled environment.

GenscanView  v.1.2

View automatic ABI sequencers files with this tool.

Realyser  v.1.0

Realyser is a software to aid in the normalization of QPCR data.Features: 1. Import of data from ABI QPCR machines (other formats may be added later) 2. Annotation of data files with gene and sample information 3. Uses the GNorm technique to select

CodonCode Aligner Sequence Assembler  v.3.7.1

CodonCode Aligner is user-friendly software for DNA sequence assembly, alignment, contig editing, and mutation detection.

Genographer  v.2.1.4

This program will read in data generated by ABI DNA Analyzers using GeneScan or GeneMapper, CEQ 2000 and SCF instruments and construct gel images which are straightened and sized.

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